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Enter Vehicle Information  
Category Just what kind of vehicle is this?
Google 'cars' Google 'cars' Check Google for cars
Vehicle Manufacturer Not all are listed here
Model This depends on the manufacturer. Its hard to check completely.

Owner Profile

Satisfaction Only enter this is Owner Name provided
Owner Name Be sure to test with various quotes
Spam Me Bury me in spam, please
Purchase Date YYYY or YYYY-MM or YYYY-MM-DD
Purchase Time HHMM
List Price Estimated street price for vehicle
Google 'car prices' You can provide links to other useful pages too.

Vehicle Details

Color Please do not choose pink!
Top Speed Dont get too carried away here. Be realistic.
Stopping Distance Stopping distance in feet
Engine Size (CC) In cubic centimeters
Height Height of vehicle
Seating Capacity How many sitting places does the vehicle have?
Car Length How long is the car in feet
Extra definition  

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