Getting Started with FormEntry

If need be, you can replace this index.php file with your own. This was written only to help get the first project started.

This section explains how to set up the application so you can get going, but you will not be able to do very much until you configure the local configuration file.


FormEntry is composed of two parts: a form-related portion and and administration portion. The form-related data resides in the root directory for the application (e.g. formentry). The administrative data resides in formentry/admin.

These are separated so that users may invoke the root PHP code in formentry (e.g. form.php) but not have access to any administrator functions found in projects.php. As distributed, the 'admin' subdirectory has no access controls in place. Before putting this code into production, you definately will want to do that. Apache web server control (e.g. .htaccess) is described at the Apache web site in

Start a Project

Once you have edited and set up your local_config.php file, you are ready to create your own project. Creating a project is described here.

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